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1417 North Leclaire Chicago IL 60651

Your Child’s Bright Future Begins At Quality Classroom Childcare + Preschool

Quality Classroom Childcare is an organized and an engaging learning environment that is inviting to children, built on a solid foundation of early education where listening is fun. You can count on us to nurture your child’s learning growth. Children will always be included and not excluded. Your child will have opportunities for speaking, reasoning, and imagination. As a parent, the choices you make for your child now will have a profound effect on their future development and success. Make the right choice for your child at Quality Classroom Childcare.

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Giving Students the Best, So They Can Be Their Best

Welcome to Quality Classroom Childcare, a high quality learning environment in Illinois. We are located at 1417 North Leclaire Chicago IL 60651. We are a school where children find joy in learning. Our cozy, homelike environment is designed to nurture children’s curiosity and eagerness to learn.

Our classroom environment contains specially designed manipulative materials for development that invite children to engage in learning activities of their own individual choice under the guidance of a trained and experienced teacher. Children learn by making discoveries with materials that cultivate concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning.

Children have ample opportunities to explore the outdoors through play, gardening, and nature studies. Regular activities encourage innovation and creativity. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, children receive nurturing, individualized attention that allows each child to build the intellectual, social, and emotional skills necessary to be confident individuals, compassionate friends, and joyful learners.

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The Essentials

Our Mission

Sparking a Love for learning, by educating young minds.

What Makes Us Special?

⭐ Experienced Faculty
⭐ Love & Care
⭐ Hands-on Learning
⭐ Innovative Learning
⭐ Natural Play Areas
⭐ Parent Involvement
⭐ Mixed Age Classroom
⭐ Low Student-Teacher Ratio
⭐ Extended Care


The process begins with your school tour to visit our school. During the tour at our school, we invite you to observe one of our classrooms to see how our teachers interact with our students. Following this, you will promptly hear back from Quality Classroom Childcare, and you will be requested to fill out and submit an Application Form.

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Parent Testimonials

“It’s a great educational learning space and it’s fun for the children. Quality Classroom makes going to school exciting. My Daughter loves going to school.I just wanted to let you know that you are doing AMAZING with your kids. I took Maya a party today and everyone was like, “She’s so smart.” “She talked so clear.” “Did she go to school?.” “You can tell she go to school.” So even though I’m also working with her at home, I just wanted to give credit where it’s due! Thank you so much for working with my baby. She is so smart and everywhere she goes someone notices it!.”

Tamyra L. (Parents)

“Mrs. Winter is a great teacher. She teaches her kids the proper way. The environment is clean/peaceful. She’s been such a great help to my son; He went from saying nothing and now he’s doing some talking. It may not be much but if it wasn’t for her, I’ll be still thinking something isn’t right with him but I love her and the daycare so much.”

Dejah A. (Parent)

“Very professional and friendly childcare center. My daughter has been enrolled since Jan 2020. This morning, Vae’ah and I were laying in the bed and I asleep. She was sitting up in the bed patiently waiting for me to get up, but I guess I wasn’t moving at her speed, so she said, “Mommy, you gotta get up, give me my bath and take me to school” lol. She’s always excited to go to school, even the days she wasn’t feeling well and I kept her out of school, she woke up asking about going to school. As I dropped her off this morning, she walked in the door looking for her other classmates. Just from her actions and how excited/happy she is about school, I know that she is being treated right and having fun while learning.”

Tyanna W. (Parent)